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OT function decorator


Here is an easier way to pass python functions to openturns

First define once this decorator for python functions (could be proposed in a future version):

def FunctionDecorator(n, p):
  class otfunc(OpenTURNSPythonFunction):
    def __init__(self, func):
      OpenTURNSPythonFunction.__init__(self, n, p) 
      self.__class__.__name__ = func.__name__
      self._exec = func 
  return otfunc

Then apply it to your function by adding this one line:

@FunctionDecorator(2, 1)
    Y = [ X[0] + X[1] ]    
    return Y

Then use it through OpenTURNS as usual:

myFunc = NumericalMathFunction( SIMPLEFUNC )

This is open for discussion ...