How to get back a model from a saved study?

I want to obtain a model that was saved in a Study Object and I do not know how to do it. The use case guide indicates how to do it for a NumericalPoint but not for a model. I do not achieve to derive it for a NumericalMathFunction. Thanks for your help



1. souchaud@… -- 2011-04-22 15:16

Use the same mechanism as for the NumericalPoint: f = NumericalMathFunction() myStudy.fillObject(f, name) where name is the NumericalMathFunction's name when it has been saved in the study.

The general scheme to retreive an object of type ObjectClass and name objectName is: myObject = ObjectClass() myStudt.fillObject(myObject, objectName)

The save/load mechanism has not been extensively tested. Don't forget to open tickets on if you find some bugs...

2. souchaud@… -- 2011-04-22 15:16


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