Easy fitting using OpenTURNS

The development of python functionalities to easily fit statistical univariate distributions from 1D samples is proposed.

These functionalities are available through two subpackages:

  • FitContinuousDistribution1D: fitting tests for continuous distributions.
  • FitDiscreteDistribution1D: fitting tests for discrete distributions

In the two cases, the sample is tested using a catalog of all distribution factories implemented in the OpenTURNS library. The fitting object result gives access to several services:

  • Get the list of all distributions for which the test has been done, sorted according to BIC or Kolmogorov criterion.
  • Get the list of all distributions for which the test has been accepted according to the Kolmogorov criterion.

This list is sorted according to BIC or Kolmogorov criterion;

  • Get the list of distributions for which the test could not be done and the reason.
  • Pretty print (Tested distributions, accepted distributions, not tested distributions).

Here is an example of use :

import openturns as ot
from easyfitting import FitContinuousDistribution1D
# Continuous case
x = ot.Normal(0, 1).getSample(20)
pvalue = 0.10
fitting = FitContinuousDistribution1D(x, pvalue)
# Print all distributions tested and ranked according to BIC criterion
# Get this list
all_distributions_tested = fitting.getTestedDistribution()
# Print all distributions accepted and ranked according to KS criterion
# Get this list
all_distributions_accepted = fitting.getAcceptedDistribution('KS')
# Print distributions that could not be tested and the reason

The sources could be downloaded here

We welcome any comments.



ps: For the discrete case, current OpenTURNS version is limited. Indeed, the library has not been updated due to recent changes in rot package. Thus only Poisson and Geometric distributions have correctly been tested.

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