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Bug tracking

I found a bug, how can I report it ?

Create a new ticket containing the following details :

  • a short description as title
  • in ticket body, put your affected version of your OpenTURNS (if you use a development version, please send the svn release version)
  • a full description of your bug
  • a way to to reproduce the bug
  • attach any relevant files (examples, logs...)

Without a login you will not be able to modify the ticket afterward. To be able to modify the ticket, send a login request at developers@….

I found a bug and I have written the patch, how can I submit ?

The only constraint for submitting patches is to provide it under "GNU LGPL" compliant licence. If it is not explicitly specified, your patches will be considered licenced under the terms of "GNU LGPL".

The best way to submit patches is :

svn checkout openturns
svn export openturns openturns.orig
svn export openturns opentunrs.patched

At this point, you modify the sources in the openturns.patched directory.

diff -Nura openturns.orig openturns.patched > mypatch.diff

Now, you can follow the previous instructions but don't forget to join your patch to the bug report.

Note: you can however use directly the svn repository if you are fluent in subversion.

I found a lot of bugs and I have a lot of patches, how can I integrate them into OpenTURNS' upstream ?

Join us ! And contribute to OpenTURNS's development (see how to contribute page).