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Bug tracking

I found a bug, how can I report it ?

Please report any errors on the user mailing list, see

You can also checkout our bugtracker for known issues

If you're sure it's a non-reported bug, create a new ticket containing the following details :

  • a short description as title
  • in ticket body, put your affected version number (if you use a development version, please send the git revision)
  • a full description of your bug
  • a way to to reproduce the bug
  • attach any relevant files (examples, logs...)
  • the plaftorm, eg linux x86_64

Without a login you will not be able to modify the ticket afterward. To be able to modify the ticket, send a login request at developers@….

I have a patch to submit

If possible, you can submit patches for review on GitHub at
The only constraint for submitting patches is to provide it under "GNU LGPL" compliant licence.
If it is not explicitly specified, your patches will be considered licenced under the terms of "GNU LGPL".
All contributions help.