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Frequently Asked Questions about Open TURNS


Build & install process failure

Failures during the 'make' stage - KernelSmoothing.cxx compilation error

You may encounter failures during the compilation of KernelSmoothing.cxx around line 86 :

KernelSmoothing.cxx:86: error: type specifier omitted for parameter `bandwidth'

This bug is due to the poor parsing capability of gcc 3.3.5 and below, when compiling Open TURNS version 0.10.0 and below. You may either upgrade gcc to 3.3.6 (or higher) or upgrade Open TURNS to 0.11.0 (or higher).

Failures during the 'make check' stage

You probably forgot to install rotRPackage as described in the HowToInstall? page. Please install it.

R CMD INSTALL utils/rotRPackage_1.4.3.tar.gz

If you are using an instance of R installed in the system (ie, as root), you need to get root privileges to perform the rotRPackage installation or use your own instance of R (ie, in your home directory). Check your path to know which instance your are using. This instance must be the one you will pass to the configure script.
You can then test the installation by invoking R, then trying the following command:

$ R

R : Copyright 2006, The R Foundation for Statistical Computing
Type 'q()' to quit R.

> library(rotRPackage)

If everything is ok, the command is executed without any error or warning.

Failures during the 'make check' or 'make installcheck' stage

Your installation of R cannot find gs, the ghostscript interpret. It is a problem related to the packaging of R, you can fix it by installing gs.