Getting Help

This sort guide is really useful if you want some free support on OpenTURNS and you don't know how to proceed.

You can also find here answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about contributing into OpenTURNS' project.


Before begin to use OpenTURNS for the first time, be sure:

  • you have time: not minutes but hours;
  • you will not be disturbed by anything (shutdown you personal cellphone);
  • you have spend a good night;
  • you have a good cup of coffee or tea.

Yes, we know OpenTURNS is not enough easy to be used by a beginner but we try to provide support as good as we can.


As it said, we try to provide a good support, beginning by a lot of documentation. All pointers on documentation can be found here.

If requirements and documentation is not enough

If you want some support, it's required to subscribe to the users' mailing-list : users@….

In fact, this mailing-list is the best way to share some experience with others OpenTURNS' users.

If it's not already done, please check how to use mailing-lists page.

If your problem seems to be a bug

Please check bug tracking page.

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