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    11= Getting Help = 
    3 You can find here answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about contributing into OpenTURNS' project. 
     3This sort guide is really useful if you want some free support on OpenTURNS and you don't know how to proceed. 
    5 === Bug tracking === 
    6 ==== I found a bug, how can I report it ? ==== 
    7 Two ways to do that : 
    8  * Subscribe to the specific OpenTURNS's mailing-list : 
    9  * Send a mail containing the following details at this address : 
    10   * a short description as mail subject 
    11   * in mail body, put your affected version of your OpenTURNS (if you use a development version, please send the svn release version) 
    12   * a full description of your bug 
    13   * a way to to reproduce the bug 
    14 Or : 
    15  * Send a login request at 
    16  * Logon on this site and use our bug tracker 
     5You can also find here answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about contributing into OpenTURNS' project. 
    18 ---- 
     7== Requirements == 
     8Before begin to use OpenTURNS for the first time, be sure: 
     9 * you have time: not minutes but hours; 
     10 * you will not be disturbed by anything (shutdown you personal cellphone); 
     11 * you have spend a good night; 
     12 * you have a good cup of coffee or tea. 
    20 ==== I found a bug and I have written the patch, how can I submit ?  ==== 
    21 The only constraint for submitting patches is to provide it under "GNU LGPL" compliant licence. If it is not explicitly specified, your patches will be considered licenced under the terms of "GNU LGPL". 
     14Yes, we know OpenTURNS is not enough easy to be used by a beginner but we try to provide support as good as we can. 
    23 The best way to submit patches is : 
    24 {{{ 
    25 svn checkout openturns 
    26 svn export openturns openturns.orig 
    27 svn export openturns opentunrs.patched 
    28 }}} 
    29 At this point, you modify the sources in the openturns.patched directory. 
    30 {{{ 
    31 diff -Nura openturns.orig openturns.patched > mypatch.diff 
    32 }}} 
    33 Now, you can follow the previous instructions but don't forget to join your patch to the bug report. 
     16== Documentation == 
     17As it said, we try to provide a good support, beginning by a lot of documentation. 
     18All pointers on documentation can be found [wiki:Documentation here]. 
    35 ''Note: you can however use directly the svn repository if you are fluent in subversion.'' 
     20== If requirements and documentation is not enough == 
     21If you want some support, it's required to subscribe to the users' mailing-list : 
    37 ---- 
     23In fact, this mailing-list is the best way to share some experience with others OpenTURNS' users. 
    39 ==== I found a lot of bugs and I have a lot of patches, how can I integrate them into OpenTURNS' upstream ? ==== 
    40 Join us ! And contribute to OpenTURNS's development (see below). 
     25If it's not already done, please check [wiki:HowToUseMailingList how to use mailing-lists page]. 
    42 ---- 
    45 === Examples, documentation & site content === 
    46 ==== I'm OpenTURNS' user and I have written some examples to explain undocumented functions, what can I do ? ==== 
    47 Your writings must be under "GNU FDL", so you can submit your example and your comments to after [wiki:HowToUseMailingList subscribing] to this one. 
    49 ---- 
    51 ==== I want to improve documentation which is included in OpenTURNS' release, how can I do ? ==== 
    52 Currently, contributing to included documentation follows the same rules as contributing to source code (see [wiki:GettingHelp#Howtojoindevelopmentteam how to join development team ?]). 
    54 ---- 
    56 ==== I found some mistakes or I want to introduce some useful content on the website, can I edit them ? ==== 
    57 For the first time, post your suggestions as bugs, by following bug's reporting instructions. 
    59 ---- 
    61 === Source code === 
    62 ==== How to join development team ? ==== 
    63 Contact one of the OpenTURNS' developers or, and explain what you want to do in development team. After that, we'll contact you. 
     27== If your problem seems to be a bug == 
     28Please check [wiki:BugTracking bug tracking page].