How to contribute

Bug tracking

Of course, you can really help us by report all the bugs you found.

For more information, please see bug tracking page.

Examples, documentation & site content

I'm OpenTURNS' user and I have written some examples to explain undocumented functions, what can I do ?

Your writings must be under "GNU FDL" and code examples compatible with "GNU LGPL", if so you can submit your example and your comments to users@… after subscribing to this one OR you can put them on the share page.

I want to improve documentation which is included in OpenTURNS' release, how can I do ?

Currently, contributing to included documentation follows the same rules as contributing to source code.

I found some mistakes or I want to introduce some useful content on the website, can I edit them ?

For the first time, post your suggestions as bugs, by following bug's reporting instructions.

Source code

How to join development team ?

Contact one of the OpenTURNS' developers through developers@… mailing list, and explain what you want to do in development team. After that, we'll contact you.

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