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Add licensing precision on code examples. (GNU FDL is not appropriated)

How to contribute

Bug tracking

Of course, you can really help us by report all the bugs you found.

For more information, please see bug tracking page.

Examples, documentation & site content

I'm OpenTURNS' user and I have written some examples to explain undocumented functions, what can I do ?

Your writings must be under "GNU FDL" and code examples compatible with "GNU LGPL", if so you can submit your example and your comments to bugs@… after subscribing to this one.

I want to improve documentation which is included in OpenTURNS' release, how can I do ?

Currently, contributing to included documentation follows the same rules as contributing to source code.

I found some mistakes or I want to introduce some useful content on the website, can I edit them ?

For the first time, post your suggestions as bugs, by following bug's reporting instructions.

Source code

How to join development team ?

Contact one of the OpenTURNS' developers or contact@…, and explain what you want to do in development team. After that, we'll contact you.