How to install OpenTURNS' development version on Debian or Ubuntu

This guide explains Ubuntu installation of development version of OpenTURNS.

Retrieve dependencies

  • Install subversion
    sudo apt-get install subversion
  • Install building tools
    sudo apt-get install gcc g++ gfortran flex bison cmake 
  • Install some libraries
    sudo apt-get install libtbb-dev libxml2-dev
  • Install mathematical tools (R, LAPACK)
    sudo apt-get install r-base-core liblapack-dev
  • Install python's development files and SWIG (used to build TUI), and additionnal python modules
    sudo apt-get install swig python-dev python-matplotlib python-numpy python-scipy

Follow generic instructions

Then build openturns as usual as described in HowToInstallDevelopmentVersion

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