How to use mailing-lists

Subscribe to an OpenTURNS' mailing list

How to subscribe

The main page is :

Why use these mailing-lists

There are three public mailing-lists:

  • users@… is dedicated to OpenTURNS' users so, even if it's not required, it's highly recommended to subscribe to this mailing-list if you want some free support.
  • bugs@… may be useful for developers but for users too ! On this one, you can see all reported bugs and their activity.
  • commits@… is developers' oriented, each commit will be reported on this mailing-list, so you can follow each improvement in real time.
  • developers@… is used sometimes for developers discussion.


With your favorite mail software, send one subcribing message to mailing list robot. To do that, the receiver must be the mailing list name followed by "_request@…" and the subject must be "subscribe". ie. to subcribe to OpenTURNS' users mailing list, send "subscribe" at users_request@…

Easy way

If your computer is correctly configured, you just have to click on following links to join corresponding mailing list :

  • users@…
  • bugs@…
  • commits@…

Unsubscribe to an OpenTURNS' mailing list

Why would you leave us

Before unsubscribe, fell free to tell us why you are leaving us .


Same as subscribe but suject must be "unsubscribe".

Easy way

If your computer is correctly configured, you can click on unsubscribe link placed on bottom of each mailing list mail.

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