How to install OpenTURNS on Windows


  1. Install a Python interpreter:
    • Either Python basic interpreter,
    • or a meta installer like Anaconda gathering useful scientific python libraries (e.g. NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, IPython, Matplotlib...).
  1. Download and run the OpenTURNS installer openturns-X.Y-pyU.V-ARCH.exe matching your python version and architecture and follow instructions.
  1. Read Readme.txt from OpenTURNS menu (start -> programs -> OpenTURNS -> Readme.txt).

Silent mode

  • Installation and uninstallation can be done in silent mode with the /S switch. E.g.: openturns-X.Y-pyU.V-ARCH.exe /S
  • Installation directory can be specified with the /D switch. E.g.: openturns-X.Y-py2.7-i686.exe /S /D=C:\Python2.7
  • Installation type can be forced with /userlevel switch. It permits too to avoid permission check. 0 means install OT for all users (needs admin rights), 1: install OT only for the current user. E.g.: openturns-X.Y-pyU.V-ARCH.exe /userlevel=0
  • An example of unattended script is available here: install-openturns-deps.bat (install Python, NumPY, OT and some other useful module silently)


The developer manual explains how to cross compile from Linux to Windows.

See also

More details on using OpenTURNS in Spyder are given in IDEforOT.

Extra OpenTURNS modules are available at Modules.

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