9h30 – 10h: Welcome at EDF Group University

10h – 10h15: Introduction: T. Yalamas (Phimeca)

10h15 – 11h15: OpenTURNS presentation (All consortium members)

  • OpenTURNS : Usages all around the world ;-)
  • New features of the 1.7 and 1.8 releases:
    • New scientific features
    • New technological features
    • Documentation

11h15 – 12h45 : Low rank tensor approximations

  • "Introduction to low rank tensor approximations" (1h) : A. Nouy/M. Chevreuil (Centrale Nantes/Nantes University)
  • "Low rank tensor approximation in OpenTURNS" (30’) : J. Schueller (Phimeca)

12h45 – 14h : lunch

14h - 17h : Presentation of studies using OpenTURNS

  • "Polynomial Chaos expansion as a surrogate to hydraulic modeling - Estimation of covariances for reduced cost data assimilation" (30’): S. Damblin (EDF R&D)
  • "Non parametric inference of dependence structures in high dimension with graphical models : an aGrUM/OpenTURNS interaction" (30’): P. H. Wuillemin (Pierre & Marie Curie University)
  • "otrobopt : a new OpenTURNS module dedicated to robust optimization" (30’): N. Rachdi (Airbus Group Innovations/IRT)
  • "A new graphical interface for OpenTURNS in the Salome environment" (30’): (EDF/Phimeca)
  • "Studies with OpenTURNS at the CEA DAM" (30’): G. Defaux (CEA)
  • "otwrapy: your distributed wrapper in less than 1 hour!" (30'): F. Aguirre (Phimeca)

17h : The End

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