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    1 = Welcome to OpenTURNS Trac site = 
     1= Welcome to OpenTURNS site = 
     2== What is OpenTURNS ? == 
     4OpenTURNS is an '''Open''' source initiative to '''T'''reat '''U'''ncertainties, '''R'''isks’'''N''' 
     5'''S'''tatistics in a structured industrial approach. 
     6Since the beginning of 2004, a partnership of three enterprises works on  
     8== Key Characteristics == 
     9Open TURNS is a Unix/Linux software that presents itself as three ways : 
     10 * a scientific C++ library proposing a internal data model and algorithms dedicated to the treatment of uncertainties. The principal expected use of that library is to give to specific applications all the functionalities to treat uncertainties in studies. Targeted users are all engineers who want to introduce the probabilistic dimension in their so far deterministic studies. 
    5 = About Trac = 
    6 Trac is a '''minimalistic''' approach to '''web-based''' management of 
    7 '''software projects'''. Its goal is to simplify effective tracking and handling of software issues, enhancements and overall progress. 
     12 * an independent application with an graphical user interface. The principal expected use of that independent application is to become the work environment for the specialist of the treatment of uncertainties. Targeted users are once again industrial practitioners: those that identify the treatment of uncertainties as a full task, generic to more than one engineering domain. 
    9  * TracGuide --  Built-in Documentation 
    10  * [ The Trac project] -- Trac Open Source Project 
    11  * [ Trac FAQ] -- Frequently Asked Questions 
     14 * a python module proposing high level operators in the probabilistic and statistical field. The principal expected use of that language is to offer all the scientific power of the C++ library with the conviviality of an interpreted language like Matlab’s one. The principal expected use of that python module is to facilitate the development of prototypes to try new algorithms or methods, to become an easy to use support for educational works, … Its vocation is to become a natural environment to integrate new developments within the field of uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. The public targeted is here research centers and the academic world. 
     16== Getting Started == 
     17After [wiki:HowToInstall downloading and installing] the OpenTURNS' platform, you will probably wants to read [wiki:Documentation some documentations] about OpenTURNS. 
     19== How to contribute ? == 
     21There are many ways to contribute to OpenTURNS project; 
     22 * [wiki:ContributeDevelopment Contribute to OpenTURNS' development] 
     23 * [wiki:ContributeDocumentation Help to write more documentation] 
     24 * [wiki:ContributeBugReport Use it and help us to catch bugs!]